SBS Video Player for Head Tracking?

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SBS Video Player for Head Tracking?

Post by ItsMe » Sun Oct 27, 2019 4:27 pm

Hello There,

Perhaps this already exists but I was unable to find one. But would it not be nice if there was a SBS (Side by Side) 180/360 video player for the head tracking scene? (and with that TrackIR of-course).

I've seen video players make a centered "normal" playback of a SBS video and then use the mouse to look around. Would it not be nice to have a player that can do this but then just use head tracking to look around?

Ever since VR, the content of SBS videos is increasing and just maybe it would be a nice feature for head tracking.

Let me know if there is already a player, or workaround to do this, or what everyone thinks about this.!

Best regards,


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