TrackIR 5 5.4.2 Crashes

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TrackIR 5 5.4.2 Crashes

Post by MamaPrince » Sun Mar 21, 2021 12:29 am

So just recently my TrackIR software has been crashing/Failing to load. It will start the software and give me an unresponsive white screen or will crash/freeze when I click advanced settings drop down; I will force close, restart it and it will do the same thing. I have tried reinstalling, using admin privileges, disabling antivirus. Nothing has worked; I discovered the work around with deleting the settings.xml under %appdata%-roaming-naturalpoint, then the software launches and works just fine, but as soon as I close it, it’s back to the crashes. So basically every time I close the program and want to use it again, I need to delete the settings.xml. I have heard that this issue is with Windows Update so I am just putting my experience in here so the devs can make a fix because this is really inconvenient.

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Re: TrackIR 5 5.4.2 Crashes

Post by jib » Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:16 pm

I have been having these same problems (and your fixed help sometimes but not all) but I think I have found the problem, I disabled windows scaling (it was set to 125% in display settings) and TrackIR was being very laggy and would crash if alt tabbing out of DCS. Re-enabling scaling hasn't seems to brought it back in a quick test but perhaps it is minimized to the system tray and brought back out that the application crashes. This issue only started happening when I switched from using HDMI to Display Port with G-Sync, so it could be relegated to that also.

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Re: TrackIR 5 5.4.2 Crashes

Post by Ragan247 » Fri Apr 16, 2021 2:21 pm

I can CONFIRM that it is indeed involved with the Display port. If your primary monitor or monitor in general if you are only using 1 monitor is connected via a Display Port TrackIR will not open or activate. I have replicated it numerous times and can only get TrackIR to operate with no problems when Primary monitor is connected via HDMI. Hopefully this with help.

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Re: TrackIR 5 5.4.2 Abstürze

Post by Sonic » Wed Apr 21, 2021 9:54 am

Ich hab es momentan so zum laufen gebracht:
Hab ein 4K Tripple Setup mit 2x DP und 1x HDMI Anschluss.
Hauptmonitor ist DP Anschluss.
Hab mal den HDMI als Hauptmonitor konfiguriert.
Danach startete die Software, wurde aber nicht angezeigt.
Lief ohne Absturz im Hintergrund.
Nach deaktivieren von Bildschirm 2 & 3 (jeweils DP Anschluss) ging auf einmal die Software in den Vordergrund.
Danach hab ich Monitor 2 und 3 (DP) wieder aktiviert.
Anschließend hab ich den Hauptmonitor wieder auf DP umgestellt.
Jetzt läuft die Software. Auch nach Neustart
Hoffe es bleibt so und Hilft auch anderen.


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