Footswitch ergonomics with SmartNAV

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Footswitch ergonomics with SmartNAV

Post by Jaro » Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:29 pm

As a new SmartNAV user, I am satisfied with the usability of the cursor positioning. However, having purchased a Savant Elite Dual USB to use for clicking (as I don't want to rely on my hands due to RSI), I am considering returning the foot switch.

Mainly this is due to the considerable force needed to click the switch. It seems that I really have to push my whole leg downwards to achieve a click - this causes two problems with SmartNAV. Firstly, forcefully moving my leg causes even my head to move a little, throwing the cursor off from where I wanted to click. Secondly, clicking and releasing takes so long that during clicking, my head will move causing me to select/drag - simple clicking is nearly impossible with the switch.

As the documentation seems to have no mention of ways to adjust the clicking force (only long description of programming the device to do esoteric and useless key combinations in place of a mouse click), it seems I will have to return the foot switch and try other means of clicking. I am considering ErgoClick as it should stress my left hand considerably less than a mouse - does anybody with RSI have experiences of whether you are able to consistently use Ergoclick without pain? Am I correct in assuming that 30 days money back guarantee includes accessories as well as the SmartNAV itself?

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Re: Footswitch ergonomics with SmartNAV

Post by kevin » Fri Sep 22, 2006 2:48 am


For the issue with having to keep your head still when you are clicking with the footswitch I would suggest I using Key Activated mode with Key Release Clicking. This is the most convenient way of using the system, according to me anyway. If you assign the Move key to your CapsLock then you can simply press this key to engage your mouse control and let up over the item you want to select, press down again and you can double click, drag as well. This setting, along with other useful hotkeys like �pause� and 'precision' are located in the Behavior tab of the SmartNAV software.

Also, play with the Gravity feature, I think it rocks, but you do have to set it up for your own tastes. Gravity is a feature you have with the SmartNAV software and should be tried out. Try just having it turned on for the Control Boxes, those are the Close Minimize and maximize ones, the hard to hit little ones. Once you get comfortable with this, you can add more buttons in.

That should help you to make sure the cursor doesn�t move when you try to click.

As far as clicking you may want to try adjusting how you click the pedal, perhaps move your foot further up the pedal. If that does not work our accessories do have a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

I would highly recommend the ErgoClick, it has a pressure adjustment slider so you can adjust the pressure required for clicking.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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