Eve Online

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Eve Online

Post by asset » Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:46 am

Eve online is in the enhanced games list for full support, and when I test it (trackIR works great in arma btw), it appears the implementation is quite weak. I can look up and down with decent results, but looking left and right is horrible (left jitters the camera and makes it jump), and i dont see any benefit to its stated full (6DOF).

I searched through here and it doesnt appear anybody has brought this up. 1/2 of the reason I bought the TrackIR was for Arma, and the other was for the advertised 6DOF camera control in EVE Online, of which desperately needs help.

Is anybody else playing Eve Online that doesnt experience any issues, and that could state how the experience is so I know if I'm missing something?

Is there something I need to tweak?

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Re: Eve Online

Post by Kelduum » Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:18 pm

I bought TrackIR4, and the clip, for two games - Eve Online and GRID.

While grid is fine once I adjusted the sensitivity (and its simply amazing how immersive it is) Eve Online is another matter entirely.

It seems to support only 5 degrees of freedom - X,Y,Z, pan and tilt, but no roll at all.

Both clients, the old standard graphics and the new premium graphics have the same problem - but its just disorientating with no roll support, and a massive shame.

The implementation is pretty weak, and I think i could adjust the configuration to get round most of that, but its simply not working as advertised, and there are only 5 degrees of freedom being provided.

Is this an Eve thing, or a TrackIR thing? I get the impression that me and Asset here ate the only two trying to play Eve with TrackIR.

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Re: Eve Online

Post by VincentG » Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:50 pm

Have you enabled the roll option in the default profile?

The default profile, used be Eve Online, does not have that enable from the base install.

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Re: Eve Online

Post by Kelduum » Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:40 am

Yes, its been enabled, but with no result - I've even set it to 'exclusive load' the default profile, but there's still no roll support.

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Re: Eve Online

Post by Lavandel » Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:05 am

Lo guys - I've also used TrackIR with EVE-Online and didn't get any roll-function.

When you say that there could be a lot to wish for when it comes to how Track-IR works in the game I can only say what I thought when I first fired up the game with my newly purchased kit connected.

1st off is my equipment: Track IR 4 Pro with TrackClip Pro.

Started up EVE and noticed I could look around the dockingbay (since I logged in a station) which I at first found to be a rather cool thing.

Undocked and to my surprise I couldn't see my ship!
Looked around a bit with the TIR and saw that I could move the camera around but still no ship!

After about 5 minutes of scrumming through the instructions on how to use the TIR in EVE it struck me that the view was so zoomed out that I couldn't see my little Frigate (at that time a Punisher) except if I looked really hard I could the the exhausts at the back of the ship.

Moved my head a bit closer to the screen I got a little closer to my ship but not by much.
I had to move my head VERY close to the screen to get to the "default" distance as if you didn't use TIR at all.
Using a 24" widescreen monitor running at 1920x1200 you can imagine how much I could really see when I was that close to the screen.
I cosidered this a minor problem since I was flying such a small ship at the time.

Later on I got into my biggest ship (Abaddon Battleship) and this time I could actually see the ship but it was zoomed so far out I still thought it was simply too much.

Since then I haven't used TIR in EVE because it's more like a cool feature to have but it's not really useful.
Not even for making movies in EVE (using the advanced camera controls) simply because it's too hard to get a nice flow on the camera-view compared to using the mouse.

I was hoping for perhaps something else but I can't really place my finger on it since EVE is a 3rd-person game.
If it would be a 1st-person space-sim the situation would have been completely different.

Now for the technical issue of the camera not centering...

After you've looked around a bit in the game you simply cannot get the camera centered without "centering the TIR" with the hot-key you've set to do it in the TIR configuration manager.
It simply gets annoying that you have to do it each time you've used the Yaw-axis a bit.

My advice is to simply not use the TIR in EVE since it hampers your ability to play EVE effectively.
Personally I'm a Mercenary in the game and therefore I'm 100% PvP, thus no time to fiddle around with cameraviews when I've got other players to kill.

I doubt there would be any other use for the TIR in EVE unless you simply removed the Zoom-function (Z-axis?) in wich case it could become a bit more useful for making videos in the game but for the Hard-core PvPer it's simply not feasible.

My 2 cents about TIR and EVE.

// Lavandel (Sturgar in EVE).

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Re: Eve Online

Post by bonger14 » Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:41 pm

I am trying to get eve working with the Trackir 5, but i have not had any luck... does eve online still support DOF? or is it because of eve online updates that it doesnt work? also, I am running win 7 64bit, could that cause problems?

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Re: Eve Online

Post by NaturalPoint - Mike » Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:35 am

It's nothing you're doing wrong, it was broken in a patch a while back and they have yet to correct it. We've been trying to get them to fix it, but sofar nothing. I'd recommend letting them know you want to see it fixed, as well, so they know how much of their userbase wants it!

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Re: Eve Online

Post by boneless3vil » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:52 pm

have they fixed this yet? I see this message is from 2012. I feel like I'm contacting the past

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