high accuracy small volume tracking

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high accuracy small volume tracking

Post by Raf » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:31 am


I have 12 small squares (53mm x 53mm x 2mm) that I want to track uniquely in a very small volume (see attached figure of setup). Therefore, I attached a unique pattern of small infrared reflective small (flat) infrared reflective markers on top of each tile. On every tile I putted 5 small markers (I used a puncher to get very small, round and same sized markers out of the reflective tape that I have).

My setup consists of 8 flex13 optitrack camera's (see attached figure of setup). During calibration I got exceptional results in medium and high quality mode so I applied the high quality results. However, I needed to turn down the illumination of all the camera's to 5 instead of 15 because false positive markers were detected everywhere (most of them due to IR reflection on the table or hands/arms when users are interacting with the tracked squares).

However, the trackables are still tracked incorrectly many times. Actually, the tracking jitters a lot (e.g. trackables detected in the wrong orientation,...). I set the max marker deflection to 2 and the min hit count to 3 and flexibility to 10. Also setting the residual lower (from 5.x to 1.0) helped a little bit). But still the results are not optimal.

The trackables still jitter and the latency is relatively high because a lot of data is streamed (I think this is because the cameras are really close and thereby the markers are relatively big).


Can somebody provide me some tips on how to improve this setup...? Maybe I need to put the camera's further away from each other?

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Re: high accuracy small volume tracking

Post by NaturalPoint-Dustin » Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:10 pm

Hi Raf,

Thank you for contacting us! We'd like to take a look at your data to better diagnose the source of these issues. Could I have you submit a support ticket at http://help.naturalpoint.com/ ? We will follow up with instructions on which files to upload, and how. Than we can better assist you on this issue. Have a great day!
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