New to TrackIR....

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New to TrackIR....

Post by Nyxs » Fri Jan 14, 2005 5:54 pm

Heya Gang,

Just wanted to say Howdy to everyone. This looks like a great little fourm for the IR users. Everybody seems to be very respectful which is a nice change from some of the boards I read.

I do have a question or two. First: How do you ever come to grips with the head motion and controlling your car effectively. I've tried it out with Richard Burns Rally, and N2003. It's VERY hard for me to judge the angle of the car on the track in mid-slide in RBR or to judge a turn in N2003. It seems when I enter the turn, I angle my head so that I peer into the apex, but it seems I never have the car turned in far enough and I end up running wide on exit. It's frustrating, but I'll keep practicing.

Also, in both games, I notice that the movement of the head inside the car isn't what I'd call fluid. It's got noticeable start/stop points. Is there any way to make it more .... lifelike?

One last thing, I find that I can recenter the IR when I'm in the profile configuration page, but I can't do it once I'm ingame with either RBR or N2003. I wouldn't have a problem with it so much in N2003 as it's using 3rd party drivers to work which probably moves it outside of NaturalPoint's realm of support, but Richard Burns is running in enhanced mode. I just can't seem to get it to re-center when needed.

Any help for the new guy? Profiles, etc would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: New to TrackIR....

Post by Rushman » Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:08 am

Welcome to Boards!

I don't have RBR but I do tinker with N2003.

What you using for TIR? The TIR3 with the Vector software activated and using the tri-reflector?

For me that set up is way too laggy/choppy to play N2003 with, but using the hat with the single reflector on the brim, the TIR 3.13 version of the sofware and TIR2joy, it's very fluid (not as fluid as F1C, but very close).

Recentering in any of the games with TrackIR has always worked for me from the beginning, but I have never changed it's default F12 key either.

I really don't know how to answer your other question about coming to grips with the head movement. Does the game become harder because of that? I don't know because I have always been so thrilled with the freedom of movement that learning the game with the new device has been paramount. These sims have always been way difficult for me anyway.


PS... Just sent my N2003 profile to you...

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