MotionBuilder Plugin 3.3 - Bug?

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MotionBuilder Plugin 3.3 - Bug?

Post by marianomena » Wed May 01, 2019 6:27 pm

I found that using Plugin v3.3 on MotionBuilder 2017 creates '1000 unwanted markers' called "Unlabeled Marker ###".
That happens even if on an empty Mobu project (File/New) I drag&drop the Optitrack's Optical Device: automatically those 1000 Unlabeled Markes are created.
Does any of you seen the same ?
Best regards. Mariano

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Re: MotionBuilder Plugin 3.3 - Bug?

Post by steven.andrews » Thu May 02, 2019 12:40 pm

Hello Mariano,

This is a bug of sorts. In order for unlabeled markers to be streamed, those nodes are being created when the Optical plugin is created in the scene. If you select the device and look at it's properties, there are options there to turn off unlabeled markers and to limit the number created. These are currently not being respected, but in the next release unchecking unlabeled markers will help to eliminate the markers that are being created.

Steven Andrews
OptiTrack | Senior Customer Support Engineer

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