Might not be a problem, but ......

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Might not be a problem, but ......

Post by Jekyll » Tue Dec 28, 2004 8:07 pm

Just received my TIR 3 Pro/Vector today, and on hooking it up have had the usual issues with heads going inverted etc.

Noticed that when looking at the unit, there are 4 red LED's in a rectangular configuration glowing at me. The LED's at top right, bottom right, and bottom left are clearly visible as full circles, but the LED at top left looks as though only half of it is visible, and in fact, to see the whole circular LED I have to sit up so high that the rest of the LED's can no longer track the vector.

Is this the normal design for the TIR3 Pro?

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Re: Might not be a problem, but ......

Post by Barr3d » Wed Dec 29, 2004 9:14 am

Not sure about your LED problem as I can see all 4 red LED's. From doing a few tests actually seenig all of all 4 LED's does not seem to matter as much as I thought as they are just providing the red illumination for the sensor.

Give the following ago, sorry the order might be out in places, I am trying things out for another query at the same time and am combining the 2 as they are simular.

Try using another cap as the TrackHat seems to confuse it even though it should not be tracking it.

I have noticed that if one of the trackers go out of range then the tracking seems to get confused if you continue moving with just 2 reflectors.

Try adjusting the sensor so that all 3 reflectors are in the middle of the scan area and that when you have centred (F12) it that all 3 green tracks are horizontal. The track seems more stable about 30inches between sensor and Vector.

I hope some of this helps as I am just a user and still getting used to the Vector myself.

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Re: Might not be a problem, but ......

Post by Wayne » Wed Dec 29, 2004 6:39 pm


If you are still having problems after trying Barr3d excellent advise please let me know.

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