Tracking Tools 2.0 Beta Available

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Tracking Tools 2.0 Beta Available

Post by beckdo » Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:02 pm

NaturalPoint is pleased to announce that the first public beta of the new Tracking Tools 2.0 software is now available. We invite you to try the new software and share your feedback with us.

[img:center] ... ls20me.png[/img]

The Tracking Tools 2.0 software provides a highly integrated environment for calibration, tracking, recording and streaming. The upgrade to new software is free for existing Rigid Body toolkit customers and can be installed alongside the existing Rigid Body software without conflict.

The 2.0 beta 1 installer : ... eta.01.exe

Documentation : ... index.html

Training Videos : ... ideos.html

Here's the short list of improvements from the Rigid Body Toolkit:

- New user interface.


- Native application (no longer requires .NET)

- New camera system. (no longer requires OptiTrack COM SDK)

- Large volume support.


- Supports multiple simultaneous capture volumes.


- Supports interleaved capture volumes (for frame rates beyond 100 FPS).

- Supports single camera tracking.


- Up to 24 camera support.


- Customizable user interface.

- Support for scene cameras.

- Pixel perfect camera visualization.


- Support for grayscale marker tracking (precision mode).


- Multiple viewports.

- New rigid body tracking engine.


Also check out the Tracking Tools Documentation here. ... index.html

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Re: Tracking Tools 2.0 Beta Available

Post by neill_solow » Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:28 pm

Congratulations with the new version! Done important work and I enjoy it now operates with the Rigid Body algorithm. Previously, even in the early beta of the Traking tools, program is just closed with the setting large number of rigid bodies, now everything is stable. Thanks!

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