FSX and spot view

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FSX and spot view

Post by Johnbla » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:01 pm

New to this forum and am thinking of getting Trackir for FSX. What happens when you are in spot view (ie outside view) when you move your head with Trackir? Dies your view move around the aircraft as well? Many thanks for any replies.


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Re: FSX and spot view

Post by VincentG » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:35 pm

One of the new features of FSX is the expansion of TrackIR into the different view modes. You still have use of the TrackIR in the "Virtual Cockpit" mode, with full 6 DOF support, but this has also been expanded to the other views as well. As always, to disable the TrackIR rotation in the different view modes, just press the F9 key (default) to pause the TrackIR software.
"2D Cockpit" mode - TrackIR has support for head movement in both the Yaw and Pitch axes.

Outside View: Tail � Similar to the 2D cockpit mode, in that there is support for both the Yaw and Pitch axes.

Outside View: Spot � Rotating your head in the Yaw axis direction (looking left and right) will cause the view to rotate to the side that you are looking at (i.e. if you look to left, your view will rotate so you are looking at the left side of the aircraft).

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