I think you guys need to talk to the LFS team

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I think you guys need to talk to the LFS team

Post by Hotdognz » Mon Dec 02, 2002 9:42 am

Hi guys I have just been cruising the Live For Speed web site and have noticed these guys have coded into there latest version support for the out dated Virtual Realitiy headsets and have posted some in game AVIs at this address for download


Anyway the forums are getting quite enthusiastic about this with lots asking for just mouse support in the game so they can use there mouse, this I think is a a good reason for maybe you guys to get in contact with them about support for Track IR.

Live For Speed if you dont know is a on going Car racing game developed buy a group of talanted guys from varios sims, they release periodic updated demos on the net with new stuff they code in, they also are very warm to new ideas too, they can be contacted at this address tech@liveforspeed.net

They plane to go live with the first pay to play part of there game in Feb and will then be releasing updates a pay to get more basis.

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